Animals of the Rainforest

What are two popular animals
that can be
found in the rainforest?

The wild cat of the rainforest.
Ooooh Oooooh Ahhh Ahhhh
Answer: There really isn't any specific answer for this! So, if you guessed a gorilla, a frog, a jaguar (above left) or a monkey (above right), you are completely right! There are very many living organisms in the Rainforest, the previous stated just being a few.  If you'd like to learn about more animals that live in the Rainforest, just click here and see for yourself how many animals there are in the Rainforest!!   Below is a video from YouTube that shows 14 different kinds of animals that live in the Rainforest. Although these are not all of the animals, it is a general idea of what kind of animals live there!